283 Hrs – More Of The Same

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  1. Jacues says:

    Hi neil

    Got good work done today. Consolidating the boat from the inside: Beam through hull doubling, shroud plates, fiberglass butt joins. No major difficulty, except that some of the furniture I made before was in the way, so this is something to integrate when designing the inside.

    Hot now in new jersey, very hot, especially when working inside the boat.

    I get bad rashes from epoxy and I am worried about it.


  2. Neil says:

    Hi Jacques, Glad you are progressing well but sorry to hear about your epoxy sensitisation problem. Have you had this before? were there any warning signs? I am taking your advice and being careful. Thanks

  3. Jacques says:

    Nope, no warning.

    It came after the two weeks intense session last month were a lot of epoxy was mixed and a lot of hard sanding was done.

    I will try to calm down for the next two weeks to recover. Next weekend: the 2 days points regatta at my club(fleet250.org) on my tiger. That should help. By the way, my tiger is for sale to help finance my Tiki. I will regret it, but, hey, you have to know what you want.


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