2740Hrs – Filleting Marathon Part 1

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  1. Luke says:

    Hi Neil,
    I bumped into your blog not long ago and I got so much into it that I went back to the beginning and read it all from the start. It took me a few weeks though 😉
    You have been through a lot and done an amazing job. I know how hard it must have been trying to juggle the project between full time job and other distractions 🙂
    You are on the home straight now, very close to the success!! You will be enjoying tropical trade winds soon!!
    Reading your blog has been a great thing for me as I am planning to start the construction of my own Tiki 38 early next year. If you did not mind it would be a massive pleasure for me to come visit you during one of your weekend building sessions 😉
    All the best!

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Luke, Great to hear about another Tiki 38 in the planning and I’m super impressed that you’ve read back from the start of this blog. If I haven’t been put you off after reading all that then you’ve got what it takes to build, no doubt about it!
    Of course you’d be very welcome to visit Gleda anytime, just hit me up with an e-mail and let me know.

  3. Luke says:

    Cool! I’m excited now 🙂
    I will definitely get in touch sooner or later this summer 😉 …thank you

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