2655Hrs – Drained

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  1. Chuck says:

    Do you really need a P-trap in a boat? In a house it seals the drain from sewer odors. I don’t know boats, though. I agree about the oversize plumbing.

  2. Wolfgang says:

    Hi Neil!

    I own a Tiki21 and sail her on a lake in Germany. She gets pretty wet on the outside of the hull well above the waterline even in light winds and lake-conditions. (waves only 30cm) I would not like to sleep on a boat with a hole in the side without any good sea valve and only a PVC pipe preventing the water from leaking in. Maybe you think about it once more.


  3. jon sutton says:

    You may find that the Trap is polythene, not PVC………… usually they are.

    Not visited the blog for a week or so, glad to see you’re at it again

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