2603Hrs – Numptys Stop Play

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  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Neil ,
    Just been reading your current tweets!
    I am so glad that someone else thinks the same way about life has I do.
    You know that I have always ran my life as a hobby? No matter if it was to earn a living or ,just to play.
    If you don’t like doing something in life ? Don’t do it, find an alternative, life is to short to Pratt about doing something you don’t like! Make life yours and only do what you are good at, and can do with ease, without even thinking about it. Use your artistic talents to the full, you will be amazed at what you can achieve! But most of all start every day trying to achieve what you have set out in your mind to do in that space of time, some days you will achieve it some days you won’t! But at least you will have tried, and this brings you nearer to your ambishiond goal.
    Not preaching to you mate, just Realy spreading the word!!

    Regards Charlie.

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