260 Hrs – Port Lower Hull Enclosed

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  1. Jacques says:

    No sawcuts needed!!!! some steelwire tensors will do it. Wait until your external sheer stringer is in.

    When you will put in your bunk level everything will be under control.

    I told you: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. (I know it is hard).

    I sent you some pics of my upper hulls. Hope you got them.


  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    I love how Wharram’s hulls, when upside down, look like whales surfacing for a breath. There is something very poetic about the shape.

    Jacques is right. The wobble will disappear. You are making great strides forwards.

  3. mike says:

    that’s hilarious. i feel the same way about building the boat twice to get it right. i’m building the 46 and i was lucky/unlucky enough to have only enough room to build one hull at a time. the second hull was done faster, better and less worries. i’m am now an expert on building the hulls now that i don’t need to know it anymore, lol.

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