2581Hrs – Looking Brighter

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  1. Craig Anderson says:

    Dear Neil,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and your renewed drive in the last year or so is quite inspiring! The small jobs that you complete everyday are transforming Glenda into a fantastic vessel! I also stumbled upon your “Freedom Voyagers” musings – all I can say is that everything you have mentioned so far in your musings is so right. If everyone thought as you do, the world would be a far better place. You are building Glenda at the right time – the freedom she will provide for you will be such a release from the trappings of our so-called civilisation. It seems it has taken you many years to realise and reach your “place” and you are fast turning into an inspiration for me. The trappings of society mold us into thinking we are following the right path but the reality is that its all wrong, upside down and inside out. There is such a major disconnect between the majority of humans and nature — true understanding seems to be only preserved within a few indigenous enclaves (and reforming in the minds of people such as yourself).
    My own moment of truth came when I started a new job in a public/private agricultural research institute. I was involved in the future planning of a long-term agricultural field trial which was suffering from major “soil management” problems. Every second word in that conversation ended wide “-cide”. Fungicide, herbicide, mollusicide… and this was supposedly “best-practice soil management”. As a newbie to agriculture I was dumbfounded and in that moment the reality dawned on me that we are actually in very deep shit -especially if that is “best management” (and promoted by people who should know better). We need reconnect with nature and get real (there hasn’t been billions of years of evolution in nature for nothing i.e. nature has it all figured out), yet the arrogance of humans makes us believe we can control everything. I am a scientist and I work with a bunch of scientists and while the collective knowledge in that group realises that we are in deep shit, the individuals are all paralysed – stuck in their own trappings of modern society. Bigger, better, faster, more detailed, more complicated research – only then will we solve all the worlds problems! What a joke – we don’t need more scientific knowledge to know that we are in deep shit, its time to act, and has been since “The Limits to Growth” was published in the 70s (before I was even born!)

    The low energy future is near and you will be one of the first to embrace it. Go forth and embrace nature and be an example to others.

    Why is it that humans always wait until the wolf is at the door? Damn that wolf is getting close…

    Keep up the good work.



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