2564Hrs- Highs & Lows

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  1. Jacques says:

    I know the feeling: suddenly, the number of tasks to be done is overwhelming. Some panic can happen.
    May be the dead lines and constraints you put on yourself are too high?

  2. Neil says:

    Comment From Eric Dobson

    The lows are what you’ll look back on and feel good about overcoming. Ultimately, whatever the current challenges, they’ll all just be a blip in your memory when you’re sipping a cool drink on deck watching a tropical sunset. It’s real, and it’s close.

    I also like to look on tougher times as a limited-time opportunity to practice how you handle them. We so quickly wish for the negatives to go away. I try to appreciate them while they last. Soon enough you’ll be feeling positive again, and will have lost another opportunity to keep practicing positivity when you’re least inclined.

    Hope that made sense. In any case, looking forward to seeing what comes in the next couple months!

  3. Neil says:

    Thanks for the comments guys, you know by now I do like a bit of a whinge from time to time. It may well be that I’m putting too much on myself right now so I’ll ease off and just do what I can. I’ll review where I am in the middle of April and make final decisions then.

  4. mike says:

    Hang in there! you are inspiring me.

  5. Neil says:

    Cheers Mike, much appreciated

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