256 Hrs – I’ve Got a Wobble On!

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil, not sure how the next (upper) panel goes on or what the overlap is. You might try screwing a temporary batten on far enough away from the edge to get rid of the WW. When you have it fair, then attach the next set of panels. Fairing compound does wonders but you don’t want to end up with a two inch thick hull either.

  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hey Neil,

    I just remembered having the same problem on the T26 with the stern lower panels. I couldn’t get them in place. That is to lie on the line where they where suppose to go. In the T26, the panel has significant curvature forced on it at the stern. Once I got both on I couldnt keep the stern symmetrical. As it turned out I had to choose between a stern post/skeg that was true on the center line or a symmetrical stern. I choose trueness over symmetry on Hull 1. Aware of this issue on H2, I screwed a stick onto the upper edge of the panel that extended beyound the stern. This gave me more leverage when it cam time to wrench things in place. I got it up to the mark where it needed to be (aft most top corner of stern panel) and screwed it in place. Once it was secure I removed the leverage stick so I could attach the panel along the rest of its edge. It worked great and in H2 I have Truth and Symmetry!…..but I had to learn the hard way…….

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