250 Hrs – Another Panel Done

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am so busy to work on my upper hull panels that I had no time to go to the internet. A lot of work which I do with my brother. I think that you need to be two to do it. Anyway, hull #1 is done and the result is fantastic.

    One important advice: put good strong wood for your external top stringer of your bottom hulls: The bending on the uper panels can be very hard and it was nice to have strong hickory to screw in (the stringers could not take it).

    I plan to have the two hulls done at the end of the week, with the external sheer stringer put on). A big step ahead.

  2. tim says:

    Neil and Jacques,

    What is this, a race to see who can enclose the most volume the fastest? I am so impressed by you two, and jelous of your progress. The inexorable nature of the work is what’s so impressive—push forward, forward, forward. Keep it up! It makes for great viewing. Tim

  3. Neil says:

    No race Tim, anyway it wouldn’t be fair Jaques had a real big head start! No I’m just pushing a bit while I can and I am keen to see a fully closed in hull. Jaques thanks for the tip about the stringer advice like that is golden. Looks like you’re pushing on well it would be cool to see some photos. By the way Tim I have posted some costs on the forum page if you haven’t already spotted them

  4. Thomas Nielsen says:

    to pull the plywood into place drill a couple of small holes, 1/16 will do about two inches apart, loop a wire trough them stick a length of 1×2 in the loop lead the wires to the other side of the hull and place them around another bit of wood resting perpendicular to the stringers now insert another bit of wood to twist up the wire. You have a Spanish windlass that will pull the ply into place.

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