246.5 Hrs – Getting There

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hey Neil,

    Good for for figuring out how to do a three person task alone. It’s the sailor’s way. The other day I was moving saw horses out from under a hull but now need both hands to lift one end of the 400 lbs it weighs so I tied a 1/4 inch line around the saw horse and yanked it out with my teeth. How many time while sailing don’t we use our teeth to some good use other than chewing. I don’t know how you plan on finishing the inside of your Tiki but screwing assisting blocks to bulkheads, for clamping or resting things on makes total sense. These boats really function in the realm of integrated design. Every component links together to make the whole. The skin of epoxied glass that you will eventually add ties it all together. Thanks for the comment yesterday. As you Brits say "I was knackered" It’s sort of my way. I’m a workhorse and keep going till exhausted then a good mid-day nap puts me right. I flipped H2 on to its side last night and poured on the final coat of resin over the fairing putty I’d applied and sanded previously. Keep at it it looks great!

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