2349Hrs – Yellow Fever

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  1. Roger says:

    Hi Neil,

    I’m a long time follower and think that the boat is looking fantastic in this color. I am curious about your decision to use epoxy primer, and all the work that entails, in that many sources (e.g. Gudgeon Brother) recommend skipping the primer and using the epoxy as a base coat? Good luck for a launch this year.


  2. Eric Dobson says:

    I wish my comments were adding something more substantial, but I still have to say… wow!!

    Lately, I’m amazed at every update. I read that you’ve done some painting, then scroll to the pictures and realize, YOU’VE DONE SOME PAINTING! It’s truly amazing how much progress you’re making on a daily basis. I’m so glad the changes you made in the last year are really paying off now, and that your launch goal is securely in sight.

  3. JonK says:

    Doesn’t that port-light look beautiful!

  4. Neil says:

    Hi Roger, thanks for following and thanks for your comments. Yes I did consider skipping the epoxy primer but I’d also heard that doing so could result in problems with adhesion and epoxy UV damage later. In addition the primer I used was ‘high build’ therefore allowing me to improve the surface finish.

  5. Neil says:

    Thanks Eric, you should know by now that all comments are appreciated 😉 and yes it’s great to be making some real progress again!

  6. Neil says:

    Don’t it just Jon. I was also being a little arty capturing the dappled sunlight reflections shining through the brickwork ventilation holes of the barn wall.

  7. Hi Neil,

    Yep, Primrose Yellow was the right choice, looks good in the pic’s but better up close,
    Brilliant job mate, All the hours are now paying off ahy?

    Dedication, devotion, skill and determination, pays off in the end Don’t it.

    Regards Charlie.

  8. Neil says:

    Cheers Charlie, Your comments are all the more appreciated given your own exemplary skills and knowledge. I look forward to tapping into them even more as my build draws towards it’s conclusion, did I mention stainless steel water tanks? 😉

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