233 Hrs – Sanding

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  1. Tim says:


    Your progress is remarkable. My family is planning an England/Italy vacation for June ’08, and dropping by to smell your sawdust has entered into the negotiations. But I fear that at this breakneck speed you may have already departed!

    Your day-by-day march is a real inspiration to me. Wharram says it’s a 2,000hr job, and your progress gives credence to that estimate, despite the fact that others have clocked double that time before dropping their boats into water. Surely it will slow down as the fussiness of interior joinery replaces the drama of volume enclosure; regardless it is a beautiful thing for us out here in cyberspace to behold.

    July 1, ’07 I’m planning to order my plans and the Moo-tel (perhaps inviting myself to NJ to see one on-the-hoof first. I must concur it seems the best option for a fast temporary shelter). Still a couple months in Africa to go before I can join you all in epoxyland…


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