2245Hrs – Second Sanding Done!

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  1. Jon says:

    Hi Neil,

    Just curious to find out how you know where the waterline would be? Is it something that is just a known dimension from properly followed plans? I would imagine that variables like wood density, amount of filler/epoxy all affect where this line ends up but I’m guessing that it probably has a variance of maybe an inch between boats?

    Its not important I guess, but just fascinated to know how you know.

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Jon, the projected waterline is shown on the plans. You’re right that every boat will end up being a different weight due to material usage and of course how much gear you put on board!
    The chine between upper and lower hulls does give an additional reference though and if the chine gets too close to the water around the midships area then you’ve got a serious weight problem!
    Painting the waterline in before the boat is in the water is a little risky but like I said the worst case senario is adding a bit more antifouling!

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