221 Hrs – First Real Challenge

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  1. Jacques says:

    I see,

    I agree that this is a scary part. The most problematic for me was the stern panel as it is small and require a lot of bending. I finally made it but ecountered then the "Wharram waves": You will notice after assembly that the upper edges of the plywood show weird ondulations because the ply is bent both ways. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT. You can temporary reduce them by puting steel wire tensors. Anyway, anything will go back in place when you will glue the horizontal sections at the bunk level. I know that the same problem shows up for the upper hulls which is my next step.

  2. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Hey Neil,

    I think this is why this construction method is also known as tortured plywood construction! One thing I found helpful, working alone, was to run a 1×2 batten along the line where the top of the panel falls. This way you have something to rest the plywood sheets on that is at the right height. On the weight of the sheets of plywood, think of what great shape you’ll be in by the time you’re done! No personal trainer required.


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