2182Hrs – Movin Along

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  1. John says:

    You say there is no need to scarf the joint (in the 45 x 45 timbers).

    If these timbers are only intended to transfer shear load between the plywood shear web and the 25mm planks that will be fitted top and bottom of the beams, then that is true. On the other hand, if the designer was assuming that the 45 x 45 timbers would carry significant tension load (i.e. that they are an essential component of the ‘capspars’) then I would be a bit uneasy about joining these timbers without scarfing. Wonder if it might be worth a query to the Wharram people?

  2. Neil says:

    John thank you. It seems I had complete brain fade when I said this and worse complete brain fade when I put the timber on that beam. I’d actually scarfed the joints on the previous beam and even on the other side of the one in the photo! For some reason when I just butt jointed these lengths without a thought, very strange. Anyway I have now cut out the offending pieces and replaced them with a scarfed piece. To be honest given the amount of epoxy and timber involved I find it hard to see that it actually makes much difference but given my undertaking to build to plan….
    Thanks again for your attention

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