2133Hrs- Change Of Repetitivity

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  1. Tsunamichaser says:

    Well Neil I’ve got to hand it to you! Haven’t been to your site in awhile and there she is looking so fine. Five flip’in years plus. amazing! I think it’s the Aussies who say “good on ya mate!” I’d be out of my mind but your diligence is getting you there. Good old British stubbornness no doubt! I had plenty of time to sail this summer and that I did. We’ve been toss about and I came near close to loosing her about a month ago in a lousy anchorage. Tsunamichaser needs to come out of the water soon, other than at low tide on a beach, for some refit’in. I’ve sailed her hard and it’s starting to show. Things have broken that need some attention. Keep at it, never give up and get that girl into the sea where she belongs. Give me a heads up when it’s launch time if I can find a ticket that won’t break the bank I want to be there when she slides into the water.

  2. Neil says:

    Hey Thomas great to hear from you! Glad you’ve been using Tsunamichaser well. Pencil in May next year for launch, I’m determined to get there and it’d be fantastic to see you

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