212 Hrs – A Different Angle

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  1. Tim Cote says:

    Neil—great approach, attitude is everything. The plywood problem is just one more obsticle to overcome, and it sounds like re-ordering the task sequence is just the ticket for moving forward. Your suppliers admission that "…the materiale is at the lower limits of acceptable…" is such increadible bullshit, the guy should work for the US Government!

    Still, General George Patton said something about war that I think has great application to boatbuilding: "The perfect is the enemy of the good." If accepting the imperfections of your in-hand plywood imperfectly but solidly advances your core dream towards completion, it may be time for letting go. I speak from some experience: when my first wife left me about 14 years ago, we were in the middle of a home improvement project that involved a new kitchen and a new bedroom. The civil status changes fiscally necessitated my taking the project back from the hired general contractor and doing the work myself. I became fanatical about making all the construction absolutely perfect, so much so that the job required 7 years to be totally finished, and lived without a kitchen for a long, long time. Then I sold the house (at a fine profit) to begin life anew without the emotional edifice. In retrospect, I should have just got her done.

    I am watching your progress from afar on travel in Botswana. Let’s see what’s next.

    All the best,


  2. Jacques says:

    Yes Tim,

    My big concern is to not "overdo" it. In other words when is it good enough? When do I stop to sand? I do not want to spend 10 years on this and perfection takes alot of time, I want to go sailing. Hey you can allways sand when you are at sea! Having a set of saw horses, tools, wood and a epoxy resin in the storage locker and set a nice work on the deck while moored in a beautiful place.

    That is my opinion, and Wharram warns also the builder in the instructions by telling them to not build too much and wait after some experience with the boat to adapt it to your real needs. After all, the main idea behind Wharram design is the minimalism and I intent to respect it.

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