2058Hrs- That’s All For Now

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hola all,

    Being with Neil is a great pleasure.
    He is in a good shape and mood, although kind of burned by the heavy sun and the rosé wine.
    Tomorrow, sailing, hopefully we will get some wind, because today there is absolutely nothing.

  2. Gail says:

    Hi Jacques
    Thanks for hosting Neil. He’s having a fantastic time. The wind has picked up in the UK today (Sunday). I can’t wait to have him back next week and hope he brings the sun back with him.

  3. Jacques says:


    Weekend went well.
    Very lights winds but we managed to sail across the rade of Marseille saturday and sunday. Pilgrim does not need that much wind anyway. Otherwise, aperitives on board with friends, the wonderfull festival “Piano sur la mer”, made a very good time for all.
    Neil is still on board today, collecting notes and pictures. Hopefully he will have some time left to go visit the city.

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