203.5 Hrs – Epoxy 2nd Coat

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    You’ll be fine and don’t let the bastards grind you down! The steel trowel looks like a good way to go for clear coating. I use one for applying fairing compound to the outside but didn’t think of using it for sheet coating.

  2. georges says:

    You are right!! We are wright !! Don’t care of the opinion of this kind of people.
    I am waiting for you here in Réunion Island whith your boat !
    Bon courage.

  3. Tim Cote says:

    Neil—On the topic of cash outlays, just what do you figure a Tiki 38 costs for epoxy, plywood, solid wood and cloth? These are the basics that I’d like to purchase en mass when I begin (going the Okume/West route), and my shoot-from-the-hip estimate is $15-20K US. I suspect UK/US cost differences are negligable….but perhaps Jacque would like to weigh-in too.

  4. Jacques says:

    Ah, back from Brazil.

    That is THE place where I want to sail. Among others, I saw some interresting fishing boats looking like half tikis.

    Costs for me so far for base materials:

    Epoxy/silica products: 4500$
    Plywood (and core materials): 9500$ (plywood is all okoume BS088)

    With this, I should be able to finish the hulls (decked), the pod and the beams (for this count 2000 more of epoxy).

    So, Tim, your estimate is right.

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