198 Hrs – Holiday Mood

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  1. Tim Cote says:


    Continuing to follow you closely, but for the past two weeks I, like you, have been on vacation. For me it’s been a drive with the family from here in Kigali, Rwanda, down through the Serengeti to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, a relaxing week on the beautific island of Zanzibar, and the drive back the same way. About 3500Km of awful African roads in 16 days, perhaps the most wonderful vacation I’ve ever had. And only slightly more exotic than Cornwall!

    Point is, vacations are great for the re-charge and review of life’s directions. I’ve spent much time thinking about my own Tiki build, and am itching to start upon my return to the States this summer. Your enthusiasm is infectious (though I have long been infected by the dreams of building/sailing this boat).

    My wife is being surprisingly supportive of all this, an attitude I attribute directly to her understanding of your experiences as rendered here in webland. Keep up the great work and continue to express the evolution of the boat, and yourself, for us to read.


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