1846Hrs- Room With A Loo

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  1. Ed says:

    Hi Neil,
    On the choice of a Loo. I installed an Airhead composting toilet in our Heavenly Twins and loved it in a way only a sailor who has had a holding tank deposit it’s contents into the bilge can 🙂 I saw your considering this type, so be warned the Airhead, at least, is taller than a standard marine toilet or porta potty. I had to cut down the platform a few inches on the HT and it was still a little high. This may impact your design. I’m planning on one in the Tiki 30 we’re building.
    Good luck

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Ed

    Thanks for that, great to hear that the composting option has worked for someone and I really appreciate the thought about height. I’ll check the dimensions and bear it in mind. I’ve made a not in my ‘things to think about later’ book!

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