1799Hrs- Not Enough Hours

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  1. Dermot Joyce says:


    I’ve been building a Pahi 31 here in Ireland since April 2009, and I’ve been following lyour progress with great interest.

    Paint wise, I looked into varous options for inside and out, and have settled on Jotun Hard Top AS as a very cost effective, durable and easy to use option. I forget the price differences but it’s something like half the price for something that,if you belive the posts on the internet, should last for 7 years or so. Jotun’s main market seems to be big ships and industrial applications, and so not really advertised to the small yacht market. Thought I’d suggest the brand.

    All the best with the build.

  2. Neil says:

    Hi Dermot

    Hey thanks for following the project and thanks for sharing that info about paint I’ll certainly check it out. How far along are you with the Pahi?

  3. Dermot Joyce says:

    At hours 1676 hours, I’ve built and glassed the two hulls, and I am now starting the filleting inside and fitting the ready-to-fit furniture to the inside.

    I’ve also finished two netting beams and one of the main beams with the other three built and just needing some glassing and painting to be finished. I opted for the plywood and wood I-beam types, and found they took for ever to build.

    When I started, and there was nothing built, the project seened a lot less daunting!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with your build.

  4. Jacques says:

    Yes. Watch the beams!!! They are so long to build. 3 months for mines, and a lot of epoxy, screws, wood and so on. In the heart of the winter. But then, you suddenly have two connected hulls and a Catamaran. This definitely will be your next mile marker.

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