1632Hrs- Main Cabin Decks – Stage 3

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  1. Martin Hivon says:


    my only piece of advice for your timeline would be this: plan for all that can go wrong (it will), allow for the slowest pace of work, add six months (at least) of slush and you will make it on time. I thought I had plenty of time and in ten days, I am out of a house (Al Raso will be my home) and I will make it, but just. The last 5% of the building takes 95% of the time. I know you will not quite take my word for it now (I would not have myself a few months ago) but if you want to keep having fun, don’ plan too tightly (like I did).

    By the way, I have been in the water for only a week and I have not even sailed yet but it is worth all the work and frustrations and then some! I love it.


  2. Paul says:

    Enyoy you holiday Neil.

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