1618.5Hrs- Sanding & Filling Decks

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  1. Hey Neil,

    This new site looks great. Good to see you back on the project. I’m back on mine as well and hope to make a lot of progress this summer. I’ve been stuck in this stage of sanding, filling, and fairing decks and cabin tops and sides for what seems like ages. As you say, not much to report or much to photograph – just hard dusty work that has to be done.

  2. Neil says:

    Thanks Scott, good to see you back working on the boat, I hope you have a good summer. If I stay on track and get the hulls closed this summer then I’m in for a long winter of filleting sanding and finishing inside the hulls. As with many aspects of the build I think it’s better not to think about it too much, rather just keep the head down and keep moving forward eh?

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