1583.5Hrs- Windows On The World

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  1. georges says:

    Hello Neil,
    Are you using a special polystyrene? I thing about water which can stay in it.
    What will you use for buoyancy.


  2. Neil says:

    Hi Georges
    I’m using a fairly standard construction insulation polystyrene branded ‘Jablite’ here in the UK
    It doesn’t absorb water and will in any case be completely encapsulated in the epoxy and sheathing. It is of course also incredibly buoyant but I really don’t want to consider the decks as my first line of defence! The boat has sealed buoyancy compartments in the bows and sterns and I have heard that filling them with ping pong balls is a great way to increase buoyancy as well.

  3. Paul says:

    Job well done! Looking good…

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