1557Hrs- Working Towards Changes

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    I haven’t been very happy with the polystyrene panels I used. Straight from Home Depot they were cheap and are light. But they are also a little soft, so walking on my fore hulls now has a little mushy feel. No issues so far with it, just a bummer to have to tell guests not to put their deck chairs on the hulls…
    Greetings to everybody here from Hilo, Hawai’i! Rest assured that the Tiki 38 is a great and seaworthy vessel. We easily made 140 to 160nm daily runs with our $500 crab claw rig, 16 days for the 2100mls. Top measured speed surfing down a wave 15knts. Great and smooth dancing over the waves.
    Crack on with those fun fillets;-)

  2. Dave Vinni says:

    Hi Neil
    Found some good wifi so dropped in to your site to see how things are going… and they are looking great! We are in Huahine, Society Islands, having spent 4 weeks in Tahiti and have now moved up the chain. We will spend a couple of more days here before going off to Bora Bora. So keep with the programme it wont be long before you are out here!! The T38 is a truly great boat. The only gripe I have is that I did not spend enough time researching the best material to put under the beams and on the bottoms of the beams. These points take massive loading and rubber just gets squeazed out. Nylon makes a helluva noise. I dont have a solution. When I get to NZ I am going to look for a self lubricating plastic like vesconite and use a thin layer well screwed into the beam trough and likewise a thin layer into the bottom of the beams.
    All the best,
    Dave on Dragon.

  3. Martin says:


    it has been a long time… I hope things are going well for you. Don’t know if you noticed but you hit the magical 1000 days of building. Hopefully, you will be able to re-start work very soon.

    Things are going (generally) well on my side. My second hull is nearing completion. This next fall and winter will hopefully see the rest of the boat completed. I am announcing here (I don’t have time to maintain my own blog) that I will have the boat in the water for initial sea trials on 1 April 2010. We shall see how that goes!

    Keep us posted, even with the small progress. The difficulties are as much part of such a project as the great moments are.

    Cheers and good luck.


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