1552Hrs- New Stage

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  1. Chuck says:

    Check the flamability of polystyrene. It might not be the ideal material. Also gasses produced when it burns. I know……. starting fires is a not a good idea.


  2. Adrian Hall says:

    Dear Neil
    Your blog has truly been an inspiration to me. So much so that I have decided to build my own catamaran!
    Can I indulge myself with a little self promotion. I have started a blog diary on http://www.buildingkira.com.
    I’m getting a little tired of these tumblehomes. If you don’t finish them soon I’ll drive up the M1 and finish them myself!!
    Adrian Hall

  3. Jacques says:

    Flammable … The whole boat is extremely flammable anyway. Plywood+epoxy burns like gasoline. If there is a fire on board, forget, 90% chances its gone.

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