1528Hrs – Positive Outlook

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  1. boatsmith says:

    To undertake a large project like Gleda is huge! To tackle it solo is to accomplish something that very few people in the world have the juevos to do. The tumble homes look great. Just keep at it and it will get done. David

  2. Martin says:


    very glad to see that you are back and things are looking up. Trust me, we all have lows during a project like building a 38 ft catamaran. I have been ultra busy at work myself lately and my own building has stagnated around the galley. It is not very encouraging at times but the little bits I have been able to do once in a while still add up somehow; I am now almost done with the galley. Sometimes, backing off a little, regrouping to better move forward later is probably the best receipe in the long term.

    Anyways, very glad to see that you are now on the upbeat path again. Your blog is an inspiration to a lot of us that do not have the time and/or patience to maintain one ourselves. I did not comment on your previous (pretty negative) post but I was checking daily for an update and it came today.

    Keep up the good work!


  3. David says:

    You don’t know me but I have been following your blog here. I have had enough trouble keeping on with my building a PD Racer (8 ft long box boat). Something of the magnitude you are doing single handed is inspiring. Best of luck getting past the rough bits. BTW, the videos are brilliant.

  4. Georges says:

    Nice to read you again Neil, and to see you at work. Don’t forget that your are not alone. We are all whith you.

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