1522Hr- Not Good

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  1. Chuck says:

    What about flextime: four 10(12) hour days and 3 day weekends????

  2. Georges says:

    Hi, Neil
    I have the same problems than you. So, i consider things like that. The most important thing is the boat. I have to be allwright in my head, in order to get money and build the boat. If you don’t feel good, you can’t reach the target.
    Don’t forget that a man who builds a boat is a special one, like JW says.
    You can do it, and you will do it.
    Bon courage mon ami.

  3. Ann and Neville (Tiki46 PEACE IV) says:

    Hello Neil,
    We are visiting our friend Jacques who is building a Tiki 38 here in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Nev and I built our Tiki 46 in Wiltshire and launched in 2002 having started in 1997. We both worked but had to stop for winter and when Nev’s epoxy allergy got too bad. So worked full time for 3.5 years over the 5 year period. It was a lot of work. Read that part again!
    I guess working at a job makes it more difficult because you take a long time to get tools out and set up ready to go and then you have to stop because you have to get to bed and rested for going to the job in the morning. What we did was to keep lists going and crossed off what we had done and celebrated every little bit of accomplishment. I think that is important. Celebrate. Also try to glue at least one bit of wood into the boat every day if you can.
    I mixed almost all of the glue to build our boat and we had very little waste – maybe a gallon or two out of the 170 gallons of epoxy we bought. I mixed small batches of glue using the little pumps so I mixed just two pumps mostly. I used empty tin cans and cut the mixing sticks out of paint stirers and wiped them off ready for the next mix. Used only 2 stirers for the whole build. 300 metres of fibreglass.
    I know you are struggling and wondering if you will ever get finished, but I am here to tell you we have been sailing now for 7 years and over 35,000 nm. It has been good and worth the work. Just keep mixing glue and putting in the fasteners, sanding it and painting and finally there will come a day.
    We remember launching in the Bristol Floating Harbour and then got the masts up and sails on. We went out through the deep lock at Bristol and down the river Avon into the Bristol Channel and raised the sails. She took the air and moved well tasting the salty water of her intended home. That year we sailed down the coast of Europe and out to Madeira, then to Canaries and finally across to Martinique. She is an excellent ocean boat.
    I want to encourage you to press on through these hard times because the end result will be worth all the sacrifices.
    Write me whenever you want. peacefour@pocketmail.com All the best, Ann

  4. Nonthawat says:

    Hi Neil,

    Even those of us not building/never built are rooting for you. I wonder sometimes if I will ever get to build! What time work doesn’t take from me, my children do. One day, one day. I am sure most of the Wharram builders around the world, past and present have gone through similar frustrations as you. I think you just have to keep going… even if you just cut back to building weekends. Gleda will still appreciate your time and launch day will get nearer.

    All the best my friend,

  5. marc says:

    I’am new to your blog but I appreciate it.
    you have made a great job.

    Best Regards
    Marc from Paris

  6. Bob Bois says:

    Hi Neil,
    With Tiki 46 building plans sitting before me, I just know I’ll be where you are someday. All prospective builders will be here,, at this point. Each one of us is pulling for you because of the service you’ve provided in your blog. Take some time, if you need it, then resume your work. You can do it.

  7. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    I can fully understand that you are getting stressed out with the situation that you are in. 2 full time jobs if you include the build, it’s enough to make a grown man cry. But as you quite rightly say you must have your leisure time as well. Keep battling matey, the situation will resolve itself eventually. There is no use feeling guilty when you are away from the build, doing things that are necessary for the build to continue, probably the most important, enough leisure to keep healthy in body and spirit.

    Don’t let it grind you down Oppo, there is plenty of support from your friends on the net.

    Kindest Regards


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