1514Hrs- Rough & Tumble

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    Same here: a nasty rainy weather since four days, temperatures also around 10 max. A river in the tent coming from the barn gutter overflow. Needless to say that productivity is not very high.
    For your tumble home, the inside ones are completely hidden by the deck, so it is worth to focus more on the outsides for the curve fairness.

  2. Dave Vinni says:

    Hi Neil
    Great to see Gleda coming along according to plan!
    I sailed from Grenada via Curucao to Panama and arrived here on the 4th May. What a place! I orginally anchored on the "flats", the designated yotty anchorage, given that they have bulldozed the Panama Yacht Club. However after hearing the theft of dinghies and motors from boats, there were only 3 there when we got there, we heard about Shelter Bay Marina. We moved across here the next morning and are enjoying a 5 star marina. We are waiting for our agent to process the paperwork to transit the canal and it looks as tho it could be early next week. Its amazing to think that the Pacific is only 30 odd miles away as the crow flies.
    I hope that the weather and work permits good boat building progress. Dont rush it! I know the job seems immense, and it is, but steady application will bring about a beautiful completed boat. Once launched you will quickly forget all the effort it took to get you there while you sort out all the new problems of getting the boat cruise ready. I charged ahead and then faced the real fear of actually quitting suburbia, dropping the mooring lines and actually setting off. This for me was really scary. So the build was actually the "safe" part. The sailing became the "scary" part.
    Umm… well so much for my philosophising and look forward to your good progress!

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