1440Hrs – Still Squeezed

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  1. Chris Harrell says:

    G’day Mate

    I know it’s irritating when at the back of your mind you are thinking about all of the constuctive things you should be doing, work, eat, sleep, they all get in the way of progress, but they are essential my friend. Forgive me for stating the bleeding obvious, I would just like to remind you of the progress you have made in the last couple of weeks, take a step back and tick off the jobs mentally and I think you will see you are well on track. Proud of you mucker, keep grinding away, you will get there!

    all the very best


  2. Jacques says:

    Hi fellow builder,

    I want to give you advice: protect, protect, protect yourself. I am fighting epoxy allergy which has got worse and worse. It has reached an unbearable point. For a few days I will have to stay away from my boat. Hopefully I will be able to finish it, but that will be close (I am very glad I did not build a 46!).

    Remember: Allergies started to hit me at the upper hull sheeting, since then that has been here, bugging me all the time. So, protect yourself, please.


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