1434Hrs- Good Evening

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  1. Nonthawat says:

    Hi Neil. Well done mate. Those cheeks are looking good!

  2. dave says:

    Hey Neil
    Gleda is looking great you’re doing fine worke there. I have arrived in Granada after a great Atlantic crossing and am currently anchored in Prickly Bay. Dragon performed faultlessly thru two gales on the South African coast and a hard trip between Forteleza, Brazil and Granada.
    What I had not done was put in the securing blocks for the motor boxes, pod and mast beam. When we got clobbered by cross seas these componnents moved around!! So I have today bonded in the securing blocks and hope that this will keep all where they are sposed to be. The only other hassle was the inner lashings on the aft beam which stretched and allowed the aft part of the hulls to rotate by millimetre or two which they did making one hellluva noise when they did. I am not sure to what extent my adding a metre to each mast may have contributed to this. My observation is that the skeg and rudder impose a large torque force which has nothing to do with the mast and this causes the twist. I have designed a mod comprising of a spectra band and set of bolts which will go over teh lashings and get tightened progressively to remove the movement. I have borne in mind that the design is for things to move a little but when it does so at night when the sea is up and makes a noise so loud that you think something has broken well then its time to design a mod.

    All the best,

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