1421Hrs- Planning a Hatch

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    For the hatches, I checked every solution (hinges, side slide) and finally came back to the original JW design with tracks. What I do not like with the hinge system is:
    1. You cannot have a half open/close position
    2. When in open position, it is a real obstacle and is very vulnerable.

    Whatch also the tiller clearance for these rear hatches, you will have to open it sideway unless you shorten it.

    I found Bainbridge sail tracks made of stainless with cute SS travelers. They are low profile and fit the boat very well (with the 38, the witdth of the hatches matches half of the deck witdth, which is convenient).Nice small lashings on the rear of the hatch, et voila. It works great, it is simple and above all, very affordable. With two 12 ft length and 14 travelers (a total of 200$), i could equip all my hatches.

  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    Good points from Jaques and it sounds a good solution . A method to keep the hatches cracked open is to have two hinged triangular pieces of ply fitted on the inside of the coaming adjacent to the hinges that are folded down in the normal position but when hinged up to the perpendicular they hold the hatch in the open position to allow for ventilation. Sent you a couple of photos to illustrate the hinges.

    Keep up the great work and all the best with your build Jaques!!


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