1378Hrs- IN-OUT

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    Have you think to build the hatches according to plans? That saves a lot of money because they are not cheap. According to Ann and Neville, the ones they bought are all leaking, the ones they built are fine. Also, by building them you can make them the shape/size you want for these triangles. Ventilation is for sure a problem: On my starboard hull, for the bunk I put two opening ports I salvaged from the Rhodes wreck. For the port compartment, I will do a dorade box with small openings at the floor level to have some circulation (gas leaks to the bottom).

    I have a visit on monday by a New Zealand guy from Wharram Builders. Great. Don’t you think the Warram building community is doing good?

    Forget about RB & co, I hate this kind of bullying they did on you. Freedom of speech still exists. Anyway, their and Creed’s problems are not ours, we take pride in building ourselves, which makes sure we avoid this kind of situations, on another hand we are sweating a lot, but for the just cause! Good post on Cynthia and Jean Paul blog about it.

    Keep going. Spring is around the corner.


  2. Jacques says:

    What is the IN OUT method?

  3. nicole says:

    Have you really painted it blue or is that light reflecting off the white? Looks cool though!

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