1376Hrs- Different Strokes

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  1. Beat Rettenmund says:

    Good job, Neil! That is one nasty and offensive email! It is good that you "got clarified" with your very concise reply…

  2. boatsmith says:

    Maybe RB should tend to his own chickens

  3. Martin says:


    keep up the good work on both the boat and the blog. I only wish I had the time to keep a blog myself; I have used others extensively for ideas and just plain food for thought when facing dilemmas and decisions. It doesn’t mean that I have copied everything but it is a very good source to see what similar people (Wharram builders) think and how they solve problems. One day hopefully, I will be in a position to help others like these blogs have helped me so far.

    I am also happy to report some very significant progress on my own boat in the last 10 days (I am on leave). I went from an un-primed, unturned second hull to the point where my upper stringers and bulkheads are almost ready to install.

    Take care and keep up the personnal blog (screw RB and anybody else that can only see the world one way). You are entitled to your point of view.



  4. Matti Airas says:


    A quick re-read through your few latest posts indicated absolutely no libellous claims on them, so I think Raoul Bianchetti’s mail was just unfounded bullying. I have been reading the Ahmad bin Majid blog (along the Gleda one) with a keen interest, and was appalled by the unexpected turn of events right at the final moments. I would be deeply disappointed if you gave in to his claims, as that would work only to reduce the alarming forums’ and blogs’ visibility on Google (of course, that is exactly what RB power & sailing would like to happen).

    Instead, I would just prefer you, Neil, to keep on working on Gleda and writing the entertaining and informative blog posts of yours. 🙂 I’ll meet you in the future some sunny July evening in the Finnish archipelago and have a drink on Gleda’s deck!



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