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  1. Adrian Hall says:

    The link to the forum is really quite frightening. A lot of heat but not much light, and such venom and hostility
    I recently turned 50 and as way of celebration my wife and I took a break in Cornwall. We went to Wharram Designs and picked up Tiki 38 design plans #123!
    It was nice to meet Ruth but James and Hanneke were busy in the Pacific Ocean somewhere (having a torid time by all accounts) We had a great chat with Liz, the office manager and generally put the world to rights. It was apparent that Wharram Designs have been deeply hurt by what amounts to cyber-bullying in various internet forums. They seem defenceless to anyone who wishes to impugn their reputation.
    I have to put a cover on my build platform and then I will start building. I was going to set up an internet blog diary but now I’m not so sure. It seems that there is so much hostility and character assassination around that I am unsure whether to risk it.
    I don’t claim to be anything but an aspiring amateur boatbuilder. I will stick to the plans, do as good a job as I can, and hope that I produce a boat worthy of the Wharram name. Now what is wrong with that?
    Adrian Hall
    Kent UK

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