1346Hrs – Icy Icy Icy

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  1. Martin says:


    do not despair, we had a WARM day yesterday, it went up to -7C!!! Today is back to -16C with a windchill factor of -28C (did I ever mention I hate winter). Good to see you back on the net and building Gleada.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Jacques says:

    Same for me! I went to the barn this morning, cold, snow. Could not get anything done and could not feel my hands. I gave up.
    I just bought 20 halogen spots for my lighting. Got them for 19$ each instead of 75. It was a clearance sale. Ordered my wires and will be ready to start cabling next week. When reaching the end like this, the scary thing is all that equipment to buy. I am still looking for solar panels and wind generator. That is the next one.
    I got my sails, I have one 9.8 4 stroke Tohatsu, still need to buy another one.
    I also made all the cables for the forestay and the spin pole bridles. I am very happy with the result, no stainless steel (U bolts), just ropes through the hulls: it saves money, looks good, is strong and easy to monitor and maintain.

    Getting there!


  3. Jacques says:

    Talking about halogen, I know that LEDs are a lot better, but the prices of the bulbs are out of range: 25$ minimum per bulb for decent quality versus 2$ for 10 or 20W halogen. So for now I go halogen, I will test LEDs later and may be migrate progressively, depending also of my electric consumption.

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