1344Hrs- Two Years In

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  1. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    You’ve been through a stressful time matey, perhaps some down time to take stock and reflect is what you need, as you said prioritise and figure out the direction you want to take. Whatever you do get plenty of sleep, once you are refreshed then I’m sure the jobs will be whittled down one by one. Very best wishes for 2009 and have a restful and bountiful Xmas.

    Our thoughts are with you Oppo keep on pluggin away

    Chris & Preya

  2. Dave Vinni says:

    Hi Neil

    This is my last email for a while as I am clearing my desk and this will end my ready access to email and the internet for a while.

    Whilst my desk is clear, Dragon is cluttered with stores, spares and clothes. I am planning to leave for Cape Town in the first week of Jan, weather permitting. This leg of the trip is very dependent on the lows passing the Cape and so weather dodging is the name of the game.

    I wish you all the very best for Christmas and sincerely hope that the New Year treats you and the family with kindness!

    To the Gleda project – well you have shown the tenacity and ability to complete the project and to do it well. I have no doubt that you will be on the water and enjoying her just as soon as you can!

    All the best,

  3. John the Kiwi in NYC says:

    Neil and my fellow posters,

    Best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year.

    Neil, I’m really looking forward to reading about your progress in 2009. Keep up the great work; you’re an inspiration! And thank you for honestly sharing your trials and tribulations with us.

    Cheers John

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