1331Hrs- A Brighter Day

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  1. Nicole says:

    You are definitely destined to finish Gleda and disappear over the horizon to much warmer places!

  2. Dave Vinni says:

    Neil You Beauty!!!

    Well done – thats really tremendous news!!

    You will finish the project for sure. I found the worst time when self doubt creeps in is right at the end. The list of jobs to be finished just seems to get added to quicker than the completed jobs get crossed off. It sometimes seems that the project does not want to be completed as you gaze up at a boat that to the rest of the world looks complete.


  3. Brian Nelson says:

    Congratulations Neil.

  4. Nonthawat says:

    You da man! Neil this blog has the makings of a great book. I know you will complete the Gleda project. I am sure there will be other projects to follow. Thumbs up!

  5. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Awesome recovery Neil! Once again you’ve weathered the storm and you’re on your way again. Hell you even sounded chipper about a dicey bike ride! FYI if you end up riding the bike through the winter, get an old set of tyres, screw in short (1/2") screws into the rolling surface from the inside put tape over the heads and you’ll have studded tyres. No slipping any more! It’s good to see you back on your feet and with a new spring in your step. Build on!


  6. Chris Harrell says:

    Well done Neil you are an inspiration to us all and good luck with the new job, it will feel good to see the loot filling the coffers once more. Crack on my friend Gleda is having life breathed into her and is now once again on a steady course


  7. Jacques says:

    Well done Neil,

    You keep going, which was the most important thing.

    Good continuation.

  8. boatsmith says:

    Right on dude!!!!!!

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