1316Hrs- Dull Damp & Quiet

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  1. Dave Vinni says:

    Hi Neil

    You are right about the weather and how it can affect your mood!

    If you can deck your port hull and install your stove and a porta potti, you are in business!!

    Then getting any kind of job that offers a car is viable.

    Keep positive and good luck.


  2. Windy says:

    You do have other options – bear these in mind before you hang your hat at the barn!

    Keep your pecker up.

  3. Nonthawat says:

    Great to see you pluggin away Neil. This is the first time I’ve dropped by your site for several days. I’m in Thailand now for a few weeks. It’s the first time my wife has returned to Thailand for over four years, since she moved to blighty. Her parents were wanting to see the grandchildren, one of which they’d never seen. So this was a long overdue trip. I’m enjoying it too. The heat is getting through to my old bones. November seems to be a good time in the NE as I haven’t even seen a mossie let alone been bitten by one. Now that’s a first! They usually make a right meal of me. I’m trying to sort out my brother-in-law’s PC. If I can video Skype my mum back in Spain then we’ll be all set to keep in video contact with Thailand when we return to the IOM. Almost there, just need a few more bits. Fortunately, my bro’ has a 2Mb broadband connection. That was the biggest hurdle. I hope you get your laptop sorted. I miss your pics. There may be an opportunity to either fix it or replace it cheaply from adverts in MicroMart. All the best mate. I’ll drop by again soon. Paul

  4. boatsmith says:

    Seems like you have your noggin screwed on straight. If you don’t like the space now, you might not like it any more later. That and there is nothing like using something to understand how it works and what improvements might be in order. Also rent can be converted into materials and you can get a head start on paring down all that earthly stuff. Finally you will avoid the commute. Good on you, David

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