1302Hrs- Making Work

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  1. Adrian Honeybill says:


    I have not forgotten you and have been following your journal with much interest over the last few months. I think you a catching onto the essence of the build. When building, think of nothing else. Bit like yoga…you have to clear your mind of all the background stuff and fix the immediate objective into your fore thoughts. When you get away from the barn themn open your mind to the other stuff. I have been in your situation 4 times before, and each one was different. I can only wish you alll the best with your efforts to get hold of money earning employment. That is what it is , so unless you are fixed with your skills and view of a ‘career’, anything that pays enough and is appropraitely challenging can be considered.

    I will try to get up to you in the next month or so, however have mislaid directions. If any available, eg a postcode as a reminder ( iwill work out the rest), please send. PS Steve Turner also has an Asus eee pc. Great piece of kit for the price!

    Look after yourself, and as the S. Africans say ‘go well’

    Adrian ( Honeybill)

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