1295Hrs- Bored Now!

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  1. Jacques says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am worried about you. How far is your place from your boat? A car is very important to save your energy and time, being able to zip around for supplies or whatever is needed.
    I personally drive a old 72 rusted thing, could not do it without. You need wheels.
    Any chance you can live on the farm? or even better work there (I did that for one year at my farm)?

    Let us know.


  2. Dave Vinni says:

    Hi Neil

    Winter time on a bike, now that is fortitude! Cycling through the cold and then doing fillets, that is true masochism. But it shows true grit. Never doubt that you will get a job and that you will finish your project.

    After the grief you have had, giving in is not an option.

    I have resigned my very well paid job and given up a very cushy lifestyle to go sailing. I leave in January for Cape Town and then across the Atlantic, the Caribbean, into the Pacific and am heading for New Zealand. We plan to settle there. We dont have jobs, a house or any of the things suburbia requires. And now we have a major recession to deal with. Just too bad. I am not letting the worlds economic woes get in the way of going for a good yacht!

    I am sure I am insane but if I dont do it I would be crazy. This is something Wharram does not warn you about when you get his plans. The boats do get finished, they do sail very well and they create a new lifestyle which is not associated with going to the office every day. It is a life changing project in every sense.

    All the best,

  3. CCO'H says:

    The worst fear you must be dealing with right now is fear for the near future, a fear compounded by things like losing the car. However, you have shown that you are willing to sacrifice a lot for this boat and maybe the reason for that is it represents a very real alternative, your biggest (maybe your only) opportunity to free yourself from the awful constraints of a conventional lifestyle. You must finish it, for your family and you. And in that context, the hardship of cycling to and fro the building yard is, I’m sure, bearable (then again, I write this from the perspective of an entirely different climate, where the biggest obstacle is the humidity and not running over a cobra on the jungle road to the yard).

    btw, Dave Vinni’s note should be an inspiration to us all.

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