1275Hrs- Rudder Mounts Done

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  1. Nonthawat says:

    Pat on the back Neil! Job well done. Have a great weekend. This has to be my top website. It is the only one I regularly visit, almost daily. Paul

  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    Great Job! the holes are accurately spaced and reduce the chance of chafe when you lash the rudders on, I’ve been routering today also but it is only for a workbench, I am fitting out my workshop, and it was hard in these temperatures dude, 34C today. I envy you the brisk temperatures at home, anyway mate I am really impressed with the work you have done this week. With the Baht strengthening against the pound so much I have decided to go back to SKULE, Teaching English as a foreign language, part of the survival regime here in the far flung, boat building is still factored in however but I have to earn a few readies first. Keep producing Neil, you will find a way keep the faith

    Yours Aye


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