1253Hrs- My Arse Hurts!

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  1. Martin says:


    it takes real courage to open up to the world like that and writing down your honest thoughts and feelings. I don’t know if you fully realize how your build and the record of it, this blog, is inspiring MANY people around the world. Keep going with both, the building and the reporting. It gives others a very realistic view of the ups and downs of such a huge project.

    Finally, you really have to enjoy the TIME you have right now. Trust me, that is my biggest problem. I do have a very good job, a very good pay and I cannot wait to trade it all for a small military pension AND lots of time. There is a saying in French that loosely translates to money doesn’t make happiness (l’argent ne fait pas le bonheur), it simply makes a miserable life more comfortable! Be happy, as long as you don’t starve, you are better off overall.

    My clumsy way at cheering you up. Keep going buddy!


  2. Chris Harrell says:

    Hi Neil

    haven’t looked at the blog for a while as I have been going through a bit of turmoil also. I fully recognise the range of emotions that you are experiencing due to the fact I am having them myself. You have been an inspiration to me and many others across the globe. I live by the adage that when one door closes another one shuts. Life is a constant struggle but you will overcome it and one day in a nice beam reach on the sea of life, you will think back and smile. Don’t let the bustards grind you down mate, keep on producing and think of the time when your beautifully crafted hulls will be producing some foam and salt spray. Martin above writes of a small military pension and lots of time, that is my situation and I am trying to use the time creatively. Confusion to your enemies!

    Yours Aye


  3. Dave Vinni says:

    Now thats better!!

    Both your mood and the chines – they are looking great. Mine are the conventional fillet and yup they do make some noise when under way. When I am in my bunk the noise is like my rev counter. Too much and I am back on deck thinking about shortening sail.

    I will be very interested to hear whether there is much of a noise reduction.

    Keep going your doing great!


  4. Jacques says:

    Salut Neil,

    Glad to see that you are back in the right track. I know very well these kind of days when you show up at the yard and you feel that you have in front of you a big mistake which has been consuming your mind, time and resources for a while. These days, I usually do very bad work. Some others, though, I feel like flying. I have thought too to the worst case scenario and live on site if needed.
    One thing which really keeps me going is support from friends, family or even strangers who pass by have a look.
    You have support, great support, from all over the world, because of this blog, and believe me, you are now famous.

    As I am reaching the end of the wood work, I will make a set of pics for all the modifications (not that many but some very interesting) I did from the plan, a lot of them being inspired from the tiki46 and I will send it to you.

    You are reaching the deck, next milestone will be the "closing of the box", believe me, this one is a good one.



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