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  1. Martin says:


    I am also looking into electric propulsion and I have talked with Kevin (from re-epower) a few times already. I think his system is very promising. I have already looked into where and how it coud be installed on a Tiki 38. I am trying to come up with a system that would keep me completely "off the grid" but I am not quite there yet. I do need a few luxuries like a fridge (cold beer) and I want a watermaker. Both are fairly power hungry. I can deal with both using solar and wind power but I still have not found a way (yet) to have all of that AND electric propulsion. For now, there seems to be no way around a generator to get enough juice. I would be completely off the electric grid but still connected (albeit in a limited fashion) to the oil pipeline.

    We can talk more but let me know if you find out more and we can put our collective brain power together to figure out the best "bang for the buck".



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