1216Hrs- Escapism

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    If you think it then you are well on your way to acting it out. Why not move in to the barn. If the bloke that rents it to you is ok with it do it. Put a cot in that tea tent you have and build more. We’re all a little lunatic to be building our own boats anyway so why not head a little further over the fence. Afterall eventually you’ll be living aboard!

  2. Chris says:

    I am hoping to start a Tiki38 Build next year.I am also low on assets and cash is short but however with the downturn in the South African Economy(and now World Economy) what the hell i may as well start in January.I am so tired of the entire worlds problems being fed down to the slaves.Any way i have been following your progress and it is amazing from my side well done.I have a good friend who has built a few Tiki 38’s who will do most of the build for me.What motor will you use.Regards Chris

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