1197Hrs- Weird Weather

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  1. Martin says:


    keep going with your blog. It is an honest reflection of the different phases of building such a boat. Some days are wonderful, some days you really wonder what you got yourself into and if you will ever see the end of it. I do not have the time and/or patience to write a few lines a day during my build but I find that we basically are going through very similar experiences and that reasuures me at times.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. CCO'H says:

    I agree with Martin. The Wharram community would be the poorer without this scrupulous record. We’re all pulling for you, mate. As you are for us. The water’s closer than it feels right now!

  3. Brian says:


    As someone still in the ‘dreaming about building’ phase, all your moods are important information. Having read more than I’ve dabbled in this field it’s important to see the ups and downs of the process.

    As to the actual construction a good pic is VERY helpful. Generally I would rather see regular pics and a short bit of writing more often than 1 post a week or more that is full of wonderful prose. Yes some techniques or moments in time can not be summed up in a single pic and a paragraph but on those occasiions you have the opportunity to write more. So for me your blog is spot on and this format is one reason I check it every day.

    Keep on it & Fair winds


  4. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil, how about the occasional picture of yourself holed up in the local pub with a dark brew in hand. REMEMBER! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN!! I get it though it gets painful at times. Maybe you should try building some of the smaller components like the rear ladder ramp, a beam, etc. That would give you a moment of gratification and then when you get to the assemble the boat phase you will have some of the pieces ready made. The Gary Deirking Ulua I’ve started, I’ve decided to build backwards. All the bits first, the main hull last. Partly this is out of necessity as I have only my 20 foot long garage to do the whole project in so I want to get the bits out of the way first but it is also an experiment to see if you can make a multihull this way.

    Keep at it, don’t let the weather get you down. You’re English, what do you think everyday is going to be sunny and warm!

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