1156Hrs – Building Blues

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  1. Thomas Nielsen says:

    Neil, If it helps at all this is what I’ve got to say. Beat took 4 1/2 years to build his Tiki 38 and the end product is every bit worth it. Being at his launch inspired me. Meeting some of the "web crowd" did too. As you say get crackin at it. Pour your energy into the build so you can be on your way and don’t aim for perfection in every move. It doesn’t need to be perfect – you can make things right once you are under way. I’m either flying to England on airmiles to launch Gleda or sailing there but I’m going to be there! Now get the kettle on and start building!

  2. Jacques says:


    The closing of the upper hulls was for me one of the most exciting parts of the building. There was a squeleton in the tent for months, and at the the end there was a boat.

    Think about it: once upper hulls are covered you can start on the decks! big deal.



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