1050Hrs – Masts Arrived!

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  1. Martin says:


    very happy to see that the masts have finally arrived. I am not happy at all with the damage but it seems like the shipping industry is very unprofessional at best. It is now 2 out of 2 that have arrived with some damage despite the crate and all the precautions (Jacques in the USA was #1). The damage seems to be minor but nonetheless, it looks like a case of pure negligence.

    The pictures with the cross-beam in place gave me a good boost as well. I cannot build both hulls at once due to lack of space but my first hull is almost completely finished (last coat of paint this week-end) and the second one should go much faster. I am very much looking forward to the day when I too can install my cross-beam.

    Good luck with the rest of your build. Hopefully, our sailing paths will cross one day (it is a very small world) and we can enjoy a cool pint of beer and talk face to face.


  2. Jacques says:


    Great great job, Martin. Your damage is similar to mine. Masts are 2.06 m, means they are 11cm longer than specs. A small recut will do it fine. Neil, I just finished my ramp in 2 inches bamboo, it is really cool, light, strong and beautiful. Think about it.

    I am also building a balcony/platform similar to the tiki 46 for the forestay, It will allow two moorings, a spare forestay and the mounting of a bowsprit for the spinnaker.

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