1027.5Hrs More Bulkheads

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  1. Jacques says:

    Looks very square to me!

    I was at Mystic seaport for the wooden boatshow last weekend where I had the chance to meet James and Hanneke. We were on Ann and Neville Tiki46 and that was fantastic.
    There were also a dinner with several big names of the multihull design: Dick Newick, Jim Brown, Meade Gougeon and others with discussions and speeches.

    A lot of good things were said about the epoxy/plywood building and I went out more confident that this was a good choice.

    A really great weekend.

    My building is progressing well. The woodwork should be completed this summer. I am giving a try for the rear platform in bamboo. Next will be plumbing/electricity: a totally unknown territory for me.


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